Fitness Professional Business Coaching

Justin Seedman BS, ACE-CPT, CHC, BCS

Justin Seedman BS, ACE-CPT, CHC, BCS

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Behavior Change Specialist. / JustinFit LLC

“Having direct access to Lee when I need him has been an absolute game changer.”

 You likely became a fitness professional because of your passion and purpose to help people become more healthy and fit, I know I did!

While discovering your passion and purpose is vitally important, without a way to apply them (business) it’s a bit like having a vault full of diamonds and gold, and no combination.

Just as you cannot open every vault with the same combination, so it is with unlocking and applying your passion and purpose. You are unique. Generic business coaching programs and canned responses are often less than effective – one size does not fit all.

Working with me means no standardized templates – welcome to genuine coaching focused on you, your path and your dreams. Together we will sharpen your uniqueness and position you to fulfill your purpose.

  • Improve your Health Coaching Skills
  • Increase Medical referrals
  • Improve your Return on Time (ROT)
  • Learn how to help and connect with clients struggling with obesity