Susan Macey PhD, LPC, CNC

Susan Macey PhD, LPC, CNC

Expert in Obesity and Trauma related stressors

“Lee Jordan is the type of health coach that will change your life forever.”

If you are a person who’s life is shrinking due to weight – I understand

If you are a person who worries about needing a “belt extender” when you fly – I understand

If you are a person who fears that the booth will be too small or the chair may have arms – I understand

If you are a person that excels in many parts of your life (work, parenting, school. partner) but continues to “fail” with your ever-increasing weight – I understand

If you are a person that wakes up in the morning thinking, “today will be different and I am going to make healthy choices” and goes to bed filled with guilt and shame yet again – I understand

You see, I have experienced all of these feelings myself—and more. I was so impacted by it that I left my successful career with a top 50 global IT company and have made it my life’s full time work to help people struggling with obesity — one on one. I found that I could only help a limited number of people one on one. Because of THIS, I also began educating and coaching/mentoring other Health Coaches and fitness professionals that had a passion to help others. I do this by working with the American Council on Exercise  as a Subject Matter Expert where I contribute to creating educational materials like the Weight Management Specialty certification and presenting about Health Coaching at IDEA World 2016. I have been able to help many people located all over the United States.  These were people that needed to lose 100 pounds or more.  People that needed to transform their bodies.  Most importantly, however, I have helped them to find a sustainable path to live the full life that we all deserve.

If you need to change your relationship with food and transform your body and life, then I want to talk with you.