Lee Jordan B.S. Behavioral Science *(ACE) American Council on Exercise Certified Health Coach & Behavior Change Specialist * Personal Trainer * Orthopedic Exercise Specialist * Weight Management Specialist

Lee has helped people all over the United States break the chains of obesity and live a full life through his physician endorsed wellness program “30 Seconds to Victory™” Leveraging years of experience as an executive with a top global IT firm Jordan has mitigated if not eliminated geographic and time barriers typically challenging fitness/wellness professionals through the use wearable, cloud based and portable technology.

He works as a subject-matter expert, spokesperson and industry presenter for the American Council on Exercise, the largest nonprofit health & fitness certification, education and training organization in the world communicating about lifestyle based chronic disease prevention. Lee has was one of the authors of ACE’s new Weight Management Specialty certification where he brings his expertise around how wellness professionals can establish meaningful and productive connection with clients through empathy using his BRIDGE method.

Lee spent over a decade in the corporate world serving in various executive roles focused on talent development, culture design and establishment as well as creating and deploying sales training programs internationally. Lee is uniquely qualified with his rich corporate background in development, IT professional tenure, along with his health & fitness knowledge and in the trenches health coaching experience to prepare fitness professionals to help others.    

Giving Back –

Lee and his wife Beth, also an ACE fitness pro, believe that living life to it’s fullest involves the joy of giving of their time and talents –

The 25th Project – a 501c3 non-profit organization providing basic living essentials to the local homeless of the DC Metro area – Advisory Board Member

Canyon Ranch Institute – a mission-driven organization that catalyzes the possibility of optimal health for all people – Advisory Board Member for Disruptive Health Technologies

National Breast Cancer Coalition – a non-profit organization focused on ending breast cancer – Contributor

Fullest Living, Inc. – A premium level slot for a person who needs to lose 100 pounds or more but isn’t financially capable to meet the cost of the wellness program, “30 Seconds To Victory” is provided at zero cost allowing them to work with Lee directly as long as necessary.